Filipino PHP and Python Developer

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Our Client is looking for a Filipino PHP and Python Developer to join their team on a temporary or permanent basis and start work immediately on some really exciting and challenging projects.

We’re Looking for Someone With


■ 2+ years’ experience coding PHP using Laravel and Eloquent

■ 2+ years’ experience coding Python

■ A good understanding of modern HTML, JavaScript and CSS

■ Additional experience with React also greatly respected

■ The ability to learn additional programming languages

■ Confidence and excitement to work with new and cutting-edge libraries across front and back end disciplines

■ The ability to communicate via English clearly, politely and professionally in person, on the phone and over email with people of different cultures and backgrounds

■ A strong work ethic and attitude with a willingness to "do what's required" on a project ...and most of all, someone fun, friendly, motivated, ambitious, confident, excited and ready to hit the ground running!

General Tasks Include

■ Porting a legacy PHP application to Laravel

■ Adding new features to Laravel project

■ Managing additional legacy PHP applications

■ DevOps style Python coding

■ Database Manipulation and Administration

■ Feature development

■ Bug fixing

■ Prototyping solutions to aid quotations

■ Testing