Quick Tips for New Freelancers
March 17, 2020

Are you tired of your monotonous office job? Thinking of trying to get a new career? 🤔

Then start freelancing! 💡

Though, it’s not that easy. You have to get through a lot of problems to succeed in this career.

But why do people still choose to freelance instead?

In freelancing, your time is flexible. You can spend more time with your family and get to do other activities you like in your spare time. This makes you achieve work-life balance – which is very important for productivity in work and personal life.

There are tons of job opportunities waiting for you online! If you have other skills besides your expertise, then you can apply for part-time jobs for extra income. You can actually earn huge money in this career! 🤑

Speaking of money, you get to save a lot since you won’t be commuting to work daily.

One of the biggest perks of freelancers is the ability to work remotely – you get to earn money whether you’re at home, café, on vacation, or any part of the world, as long as you’re connected to your client and doing your tasks.

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What are some of the challenges you need to face if you’re new to freelancing?

The hardest part is getting clients. This should be the first thing every freelancer needs to know because if you don’t find a client, means you won’t get any job.

There are many ways how to get clients.

Remote Philippines is among the online platforms that help clients hire skilled talents that match their requirements. Here in Remote Philippines, you can apply and we will help you find a client who looks for your role.

Another way to get more clients is by referral. Once you already have a client, build a trust and good relationship with them – this will bring you on their good side and remember you as a good employee. It’s important to get your clients to trust you because they will serve as your references in your future job application. Trust me, it’s a big plus points! 😉

Freelancing is fun. Not only because you work remotely, it’s because you get to work with different clients all the time. By that way, you will gain more experience, strategies, and acquire skills that may help you become one of them in the future.

Enjoy freelancing! 💕

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