Online, work-from-home works take the spotlight as PH battles COVID-19
August 24, 2020

While the global economy suffers due to the dreaded coronavirus or COVID-19, the Philippine government is doing its best to cushion the impact of COVID-19 in its economy.

When the government started a lock-down to stop the spread of COVID-19 in March which is still ongoing until today (August), many workers both formal and informal have suffered due to the temporary closure of their offices. Many workers most of whom relying on daily minimum wages suffered a lot such as jeepney drivers, factory workers, construction workers, sales ladies, and janitors among others.

The local workers are not the only who got struck by the pandemic, but also our fellowmen working abroad. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) all over the world were repatriated. Thousands of repatriated OFWs have been transported back to their homes after they undergo a 14-day quarantine.

To aid all the affected workers, the Philippine government through the Department of Social Welfare and Development gave some money to them via the Social Amelioration Program (SAP). Based on the SAP program, workers affected by the COVID-19 will receive P5,000 to P8,000 depending upon the minimum wages in their locality. The program in a way helped the COVID-19 workers as the government does its best to stop the spread of the deadly pandemic in the country.

Aside from SAP, the government also allowed government and private-sector workers to adopt a work-from-home scheme.


The government allowed the work-from-home scheme so that some industries like technology, telecommunications, and especially the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can remain open despite the pandemic.

The work from the home scheme has brought joy to many workers since it allowed them to earn while staying in their own homes to avoid getting inflicted with COVID-19.

However, work-from-home arrangement is difficult for others. Not all Filipinos have access to the internet connection and some don’t have the needed work equipment set up at home. To make the business continue to run, many companies have been sending out the hardware tools to their employees so they could work from home.

Call center companies and other BPO industries have thrived during this crisis. With the success of work from the home system, many hailed the BPO industry as heroes since they keep the Philippine economy afloat in this time of crisis and emergency.


Aside from work-from-home schemes of the government and private sectors, the advent of the COVID-19 has also seen the emergence of online works as legitimate sources of income for workers right at their own homes. Many outsourcing companies were able to hire thousands of jobless Filipinos to work for them online while the global pandemic continues to wreak havoc. Many workers who at first were reluctant to try online jobs are now fully convinced that you can actually earn money online through various online works.

Among the widely popular online works in this time of pandemic are content writing, data entry, virtual assistant, and other jobs that can be done through online. What makes work-from-home jobs such a hit these days is the fact that you can actually save your earnings from paying fare on a daily commute and buying yourself a lunch. Aside from earning at the safety of your own home, the pay is also relatively higher compared to normal jobs since you are paid in dollars or in other foreign currencies.

Working from home also allows you to be your own boss. Since it is a remote work, you have to work under minimal supervision.


One of the best places to hire outsource workers is in the Philippines. Many Filipinos are superb and highly skilled outsource workers.

Aside from their skills, Filipino outsource workers are also determined and hard-working persons. If you treat Filipino outsource workers nicely they will deliver more than you want from them.

What makes Filipino workers special is the fact that they can also do a variety of jobs from data entry to content writing and etc.

However, if you wish to get Filipino workers make sure you treat them nicely and make them feel special in their work. Filipinos love to be appreciated on the things they do so make sure you acknowledge them if they do great in their works.

To get the most of your Filipino outsource workers make sure you give them regular training as well. These regular training will not only make them better workers but loyal employees as well.

It would also be a great help if you give these workers the right salary corresponding to their skills. It would also be a great gesture on your part if you give them financial rewards if they do good things in your company.

To make sure your workers are doing well, always make it a habit to give them feedback so that these workers will know if they are doing a good job in their works.

Moreover, to make sure these workers will not go astray in their work tell in once they are hired the employment policies of your company. These employment policies will give your workers the dos and don’ts of your company.


In cooperation in health and safety, public places such as shopping malls and restaurants are temporarily closed, and public transportations are not allowed to operate until further notice.

In a world full of fear and chaos, you see a Filipino not giving up.

Despite losing their jobs, Filipinos don’t quit, but, continue to fight the battle.

Having no source of income, many jeepney and tricycle drivers thought of an alternative way to earn money during the pandemic.

Since some of the restaurants and fast food chains only allow takeouts, online food delivery services suddenly became a huge trend, especially these days where most of the people aren’t allowed to go out.

With the help of these services, many Filipino drivers and others will be able to support their family’s needs in the midst of crisis.

Another thing that has become one of the biggest craze on the internet is online selling.

When thousands of people became unemployed due to lockdown, many decided to try to sell items online. Some of the top-selling products online in the Philippines are: groceries, beauty and skin products, healthcare supplies, as well as hobbies & crafts to ease your quarantine boredom.

Having tons of competition online, you have to be on top of everybody else, you need to squeeze out your creative juices to make yours shine brighter, if not, then it won’t work for you.

But that’s not a problem among the Filipinos because they are known to have the best strategies. They always have something up on their sleeves when it comes to handling a business.

Filipinos always find ways to make sure their families are healthy and safe. Nothing can bring them down, not even a pandemic.


Even the education all over the world has been affected by the COVID-19. Because of the fear it would cause widespread infection, the government declared to have online classes, in the meantime, until the virus is completely gone.

Many private schools closed down due to low number of enrollees. Students from private schools transferred to public schools because their parents don’t have enough money to pay for their tuition fee since they lost their job recently due to lockdown.

Unfortunately, not all students have internet and laptops at home so they’re not able to do online classes. With the help of the government and donations from the kind-hearted people, thousands of students were provided with tablets they need for their online classes.

Not just the students who are struggling and needing help during these times, but also the teachers. Many teachers and school staff have been unemployed when their school closed down.


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