If Your New Job Isn’t Working Out, Are You Going to Stay or Leave?
January 20, 2020

You work hard to get a new job …

After spending one month in your new job, you realize that isn’t the right job for you. You easily get irritated with your new boss, can’t perfect any of your tasks despite the training you took, and you can’t get along with your officemates.

If you are thinking of leaving your new job (don’t worry this is not uncommon), consider;

#1 Staying motivated to keep current job

Staying motivated at work can be easy or difficult to achieve. Since you don’t like your new job, getting motivated can be very challenging! The main culprit could be, misleading job description!

An employee that got hired because of misleading job description end up doing tasks that are not related to the role he or she signed up for. The employee’s normal reactions; angry, annoyed, and boredom.

Before deciding to talk to your manager, and quit, consider staying motivated or getting inspired. You’re 6 month stay in your current job will introduce you to new things, new skill set, and new people. Set deadlines, keep yourself busy at work, and volunteer to try challenging tasks. Another thing to keep you motivated, don’t miss your day-offs! Find some time to rest and think!

#2 Looking for a new job

If you fail in getting some motivation to keep your current job, then look for another. To avoid committing the same mistakes in your next job search, know what went wrong in your previous employment. Never hesitate to ask questions and clarify things to the interviewer. Make your next big leap in your career your best move.

Misleading job descriptions that push new hires to leave their current job is cause by Poor communication or misunderstandings. Let’s see some poor communication instances that happen in a workplace.

– Job description not updated after a company underwent a major change.

– New role, new job description but closely related to what you are applying.

– Working in a small organization where everybody is expected to multitask.

It is for you to decide whether to keep your current job or look for another potential work! If you are not really happy, pissed off, looking for new opportunities.

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